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Water - aqua

Water (aqua) is a solvent and the quality of the water used is therefore extremely important to the finished product. It needs to be purified to the highest standard and pass the most stringent microbiological standards to ensure that no impurities are present and that the water is de-ionized.

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Not only is it used as a solvent for the active ingredients, but also act as a spreading agent.

All water used in the laboratory is specially purified by reverse osmoses which at the same time de-ionizes it. The water is then further subjected to heat sterilization to ensure that the quality used in our products conforms and surpasses the most stringent international standards.

Apart from this, we also subscribe to the idea that highly processed and “stressed” water is robbed of its natural vitality, and we therefore believe in re-energizing the water used in our range. 

This helps to recreate the natural crystal structure found in pure “living water” and is done by immersing rose crystals into our water and leaving the water exposed to these pure crystals to help re-energize the water.

Please note – we first remove all toxins and pollutants with reverse osmosis and heat sterilization, and then this sterile water is exposed to rose crystal to help energize the water again to its original structure, but without any pollutants.

The hexagonal structure of the crystal rearranges the flexible structure of water to its original makeup and reforms its crystalline structure.

Although the re-energizing of water may be a bit alternative to some people, we believe that there is value in this, and before we do this extra restructuring to the water, we firstly ensure that the water is totally purified and free from any toxins and pollutants.

To read more about the re-energizing of water, you may find it interesting to read the book Water & Salt – The Essence of Life by Dr. Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira by Natural Resources. The ISBN number of the book is 0974451517 and click this link to find it on Amazon.com.


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