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Questions and answers

We have listed some general questions that we are regularly asked about our Cellumend cellulite cream, but if you have any unresolved questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

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How does it work?

The cream works on various aspects of cellulite, and although some cellulite creams and lotions only help to remove excess water, Cellumend works in various ways to create a smooth, cellulite-free contour.

One of the patented active ingredients helps to inhibit the maturation of adipocytes, increases circulation, reduces the actual size of the adipocytes (fat cells) while increasing skin tone and compactness and creating an all over improvement  - all using a liposomal delivery system for optimum absorption. 

Not only does the cream help with the cellulite, but also increases skin elasticity and the skin's moisture content, improving the complexion of the skin and all-over skin smoothness.

How much must I use? cellulite removal cream frequently asked questions

A mistake made by some people is to use far too much of the cream and although there is no harm in using a lot, it is not very cost-effective to do so.

The actual volume or quantity that must be used will vary on the size of the area that you are treating - but a general rule would be to apply it as you would apply a moisturizer to your face.

How long will the bottle last? cellulite removal cream frequently asked questions

With regular use twice a day, applied to an average area of skin, the bottle should last between 4 - 6 weeks.

For how long must I use it? cellulite removal cream frequently asked questions

The clinical trials done on the cream were taken over a 60 day period, but people normally report that they can see a change within 10 - 14 days, although it may vary from person to person.

The general time taken to obtain maximum results also varies, but a 90 day (3 month) treatment period normally does the trick.

When must I apply it? cellulite removal cream frequently asked questions

The Cellumend cellulite cream must be applied twice a day - in the morning and at night.

It is best to apply the cream to a clean skin, so apply it in the morning after you have a shower or bath, and at night, before going to bed, once again after you have a shower or a bath.

Will it stain my clothing? cellulite removal cream frequently asked questions

The absorption of the cream is excellent, and if applied correctly, and you wait a few minutes for it to be absorbed, will not mark or stain your clothing at all - it contains no colorants and the active ingredients are easily absorbed due to the special liposomal system used.

How long before I see results? cellulite removal cream frequently asked questions

Although some people report that they can see a difference after 10-14 days, we have found that most people can notice a difference after about 3 weeks, but the full results are only achieved after 90 days.

Must I massage it in? cellulite removal cream frequently asked questions

You do not need to massage it in.

You can simply apply the cream and gently rub it in, since it will easily be absorbed by your skin.

What guarantees do I have? cellulite removal cream frequently asked questions

Cellumend is manufactured in a high tech laboratory, adhering and surpassing the highest international standards.

The active ingredients are included at the correct percentages, as determined in the clinical trials, and for that reason, the product will produce the results as stated.

If you feel that you are not satisfied with your purchase, kindly notify us by e-mail within 30 days of receipt of the product at orders@ageless.co.za and return the product.

Why do you not have "before" and "after" pictures? cellulite removal cream frequently asked questions

We manufacture cosmetics, and believe on basing our statements on research and facts, and have found that people do not believe "before" and "after" pictures.

Although some people may be influenced by pictures, even if the advertisers "doctored" the pictures, we believe that serious consumers will not be swayed by such marketing techniques.

Are there any side effects? cellulite removal cream frequently asked questions

No side effects have been reported on the use of our cream.

NOTE: Women that are pregnant, or anybody allergic to iodine or any marine products, or any of the ingredients contained in Cellumend should not use it. To view the full list of ingredients please click here.

Can both males and females use it? cellulite removal cream frequently asked questions

Cellumend is effective on all people using it, irrespective of sex, but please note that true cellulite is mostly found on woman.

To read more about this, please visit our page on cellulite myths and facts by clicking here.

Is it effective on White, Black and Asian skin? cellulite removal cream frequently asked questions

It does not matter from what ethnic background you are - Cellumend will perform its action on any skin .

Does age influence the effectiveness? cellulite removal cream frequently asked questions

The effectiveness of our cream is not influenced by age and although age can play a part in the appearance of cellulite, the cream's effectiveness is not undermined in any by age.

That is why the cream, during the clinical tests that were performed, women of various ages - ranging from 18 to 70 were used as test subjects.

Can it be used on suntanned or broken skin? cellulite removal cream frequently asked questions

The effectiveness of the cream will in no way be influenced by the fact if a skin is tanned or not, but since the skin may be more sensitive to the sun, we would not suggest that the cream is applied directly before sun tanning.

If you plan to suntan, rather apply the cream after getting in from the sun and after you have had a shower or a bath.

If skin is broken ANY type of cream could cause skin irritation and is best avoided.


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