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Cellulite massage - Free information and MPEG video clips

This is one of the free pages where we offer our clients and visitors information on achieving a smooth body without any cellulite bumps, lumps and bulges.

cellulite massage

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cellulite massage

General massage information cellulite massage

Massage is one of the alternative therapies that are becoming more and more accepted by normal Western medical practitioners.

Sometimes we are a bit slow in our "modern" world, as the benefits of massage have been extolled in Chinese documents written at about 2,500 B.C. and was also practiced in ancient Egypt and Greece.

Not only does manual massage help the body to perform better, but assists the lymphatic system to work properly, relieve muscle spasms, improve circulation, ease tension and also have a beneficial effect on the emotions and mental faculty.

It is one of the nicest ways to pamper yourself - get your sore stiff muscles sorted out and to relax from the hurly burly of our hurried and hasty lives. For more tips on relaxing - and its place in fighting cellulite - please click here.

On its own, massage will not remove cellulite, but is a great way to improve circulation, and with improved circulation excess fluid can move more easily out of the tissue, and proper cell functioning is improved. Massage also assists in temporarily reducing the dimpling appearance caused by cellulite.

Our Cellumend Cellulite Cream need not be massaged into the skin, but can applied and gently rubbed in - the liposomal delivery system that is at play will ensure that the cream is easily and totally absorbed into the skin.

Although it is difficult to massage yourself, and totally impossible in inaccessible places like your back, you are able to massage problematic areas such as your hips and thighs and we have included some MPEG video clips to show various massage techniques.

Types of massage cellulite massage

Although the MPEGs do not show the hip and thigh area, you will be able to get a good general idea of what is required. You can use any good vegetable oil as a massage medium - like almond, avocado or grapeseed oil. 

Although some people use talc when massaging, we have found that most people prefer the use of oil as it provides far more "glide" while nourishing the skin at the same time.

When your schedule allows and you have some time, treat yourself to a good professional massage - not only is it a great boost for your body, but you mind will have a lift as well.

Massaging your own hips and thighs has a positive effect in two ways - not only do you help the circulation to the affected areas, but you can feel and see the full extent of your cellulite problem - and if nothing else - it will inspire you even more to regain your smooth body curves.

When you start to massage yourself, you could start with a "feathering" technique, since this will prepare your fingers and your muscles for the massage. (It is also nice to finish off the massage with this "feathering" technique.) 

This can be followed with lymph drainage - but remember - always work towards your lymph nodes - which in your legs are located in your groin. For more information on this website about lymph drainage and the lymphatic system please click here.

You should also include deep firm massage actions as well as "kneading and wringing" strokes, as well as "pummeling", but take care not to press too hard as you can bruise yourself or cause harm to capillaries. 

Depending on how easily you get into the swing of things, bargain to spend 20 minutes or so a day on massage - it may sound like a long time, but remember, you are worth the time and the pampering.

Underneath you will find the MPEGs that we refer to, and for even more video clips, please visit https://www.essentialoils.co.za/massaging.htm for the complete selection offered by Esoteric Oils - suppliers of superior quality essential oils. 

Video clips on massage cellulite massage

Back effleurage


Deep lymph draining


Diamond effleurage




Kneading and wringing





For more information on the lymphatic system please click here.

cellulite massage

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