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Detox diet - for detoxifying our stressed bodies

It is our belief and premise that cellulite is partly due to toxic build-up and to combat that, you need to look at following an eating plan, which would minimize toxins and keep your body in a condition to rid it of toxins as they are formed, and to begin this process, a detox diet should be considered,

detox diet

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Should this aspect have been neglected over a period in time, a person may need to look at first going on a detox diet to get the system flushed out and prepared for living a more toxin-free lifestyle.

We sell the most effective cellulite cream on the market, which will rid your body of those unsightly lumps, bumps and bulges, but to prevent and fight it naturally, certain lifestyle changes need to be made.

People are sometimes surprised when starting a detox diet that they are feeling less than perfect.

Side effects when going on a detox diet detox diet

Some effects that may manifest when going on a detox diet would include the following:

  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth
  • Joint aches and pains
  • Feeling feverish and running a temperature
  • Skin eruptions - face and body
  • Tiredness and irritability
  • Feeling emotional
  • Body odor
  • Bad breath
  • Constipation
  • Coated tongue

Should you have any medical condition, or any health concerns, or be pregnant, breastfeeding, menstruating or have a cold or infection, do not start any type of detox diet before consulting your medical practitioner.

When to do a detox diet  detox diet

It is best to do the detox diet as part of a detox plan, and it should be scheduled to be done over a weekend, as you could feel less than perfect.

This weekend should be planned to detox yourself and to recharge your batteries - so do not plan to have any social engagements nor any physically strenuous or mentally taxing work.

For ease of reference, we will take it that the detox plan would be started on a Friday afternoon, after returning from work.

Detox diet schedule detox diet

On the day (the Friday) that you would be starting the detox program, try and mentally prepare for the weekend ahead and also cut out tea and coffee during the day, and keep have a low protein and low fat breakfast and lunch.

Look at having some cereal for breakfast and a light crispy salad for lunch. Drink only fresh water or herbal tea. You could add 5ml (1 teaspoon) of apple cider vinegar to each glass of water.

For the weekend, decide on one type of fruit to eat the entire weekend - be that cantaloupe, watermelon, apples, pears etc. The best type of fruit to use is a fruit with a high water content - such as watermelon or cantaloupe.

During the detox diet,  stick to plain fresh water or herbal tea.

Another drink you could make is to take raw beetroot and to grate it and then to cover the grated beetroot with water. Let the mixture stand for at least 20 minutes, and then strain out the beetroot and keep the water to drink.

The water drawn from this raw beetroot does not taste bad, and is an excellent boost to detoxify your body. Two to three "coverings" of the beetroot can be used, before you need to discard the beetroot and grate some fresh.

Ensure that you drink at least 2 liters (3 pints) of water per day during this period - this is a good habit to keep up with even after the detox period.

When you arrive home, have a lie down and do some relaxation exercises.

After relaxing for 30 minutes, have a light dinner on the selected fruit of choice and some herbal tea or water, while creating a relaxing atmosphere, (playing soft, soothing and calming music can help with this).

Using a soft, yet firm body brush; start brushing your body with this dry brush to increase the circulation and boost the lymphatic system, which encourages the expulsion of toxins. 

Some people do not to dry brush, and should this be the case, consider doing a body scrub with a good brush and either a mild soft soap or body exfoliation scrub.

Also brush your feet briskly, including the soles and sides of your feet, the toes, and using long smooth strokes brush the front and back of your legs. 

The area behind your knees can be brushed in small circular movements, followed by strong and smooth upward strokes. All brushstrokes must be directed towards the heart.

Next brush your buttocks and lower back - once again they can be brushed in small circular movements, but must be followed up with smooth brushstrokes directed upwards and towards your heart.

Your hands and arms are next in line, and the armpits must also be included. This area must also be brushed with smooth strokes directed towards the body and towards the heart. Next brush your shoulders, and across your chest towards your heart, but do not brush the nipples.

The abdominal area should be brushed in circular clockwise movements and finish the brushing by brushing the neck area with downward strokes.

After dry brushing, you can have a quick shower to remove any loose skin.

Next is a long relaxing and detoxifying bath.

The bath stimulates circulation and induces perspiration and speeds up the detoxifying process.

This bath should not be taken if you suffer from heart or blood pressure problems, are diabetic, or are feeling weak and faint.

Draw a warm deep bath and dissolve 450 grams (16 ounces) of Epson's salts and add three drops rosemary essential oil.

Lie in the bath for at least 20 minutes and while relaxing, drink a cup of herbal tea, or warm water with a slice lemon, which will help to increase sweating and to replace liquids lost through perspiration. 

The bath can be topped up with hot water to keep the temperature stable.

After 20 minutes run some cold water into the bath to gently start cooling down the bath and after 10 minutes in the cooler bath gently get out. 

Do not get up too fast as you may feel dizzy.

Do not rub yourself dry but rather wrap yourself in towels and/or a gown and lie down on your bed.

You may feel tired and ready to sleep, which is fine, or dress in snug pajamas and settle down for the night.

The next morning you may be more hungry than normal, and when breakfasting on your selected fruit, make sure that you eat it with concentration and that each mouthful is chewed slowly and properly.

After a short break after breakfast it is good to take some light exercises - be that your normal exercise program, a set of yoga exercises or something as simple as having a good brisk walk.

You could opt for a bracing shower if you feel energetic, or if you feel in a more laid-back mood, a detox bath can be repeated.

Next, you need to spend some time to do relaxation exercises again, and when completed, some deep breathing exercises are called for.

  • We have more information on breathing exercises, which you can try and to have a look please click here, but for now, at least try and do the following exercise.

Should you have any medical problems, including but not only, heart and blood pressure conditions, epilepsy or any respiratory problems, or any other health concerns, please consult with your health practitioner before attempting this exercise.

Lie flat on the floor with your arms uncrossed and next to your body, and your legs straight. Slowly inhale and at the same time try to fill your lungs from the bottom up - this will cause your stomach area to increase as well. Gradually fill your lungs to the top, and ensure that your lungs are inhaling to their full capacity. When doing this you may feel that your chest is moving higher while your shoulders are pushing towards the back.

Next exhale and make sure that the breath is pushed out from the bottom of your lungs - while doing this your stomach will flatten and push towards your back.

Do cycle of deep breathing for a couple of cycles but you may find that you feel light headed after a couple of times - that is due to the increased oxygen in your system.

Should you feel uncomfortable at any time, cease doing the exercise and breathe normally.

After you have repeated the deep breathing a couple of times, relax and start breathing normally again.

This breathing exercise, as well as the others listed on our breathing exercise page, can be repeated throughout the weekend.

After the breathing exercise, you should try to have a quiet day, which you can spend meditating, reading or listening to good music. Try not to watch television nor get involved in spending time that may in any way be taxing.

What we suggest - should you wish to read, try some light reading that will not require concentration, nor cause any emotional state - the same goes with entering into conversations - rather refrain from phoning friends if the conversation can get too taxing or emotionally draining.

In other words - try to really relax and not get involved in anything that may require any exertion - be that physical or emotional.

On Saturday night, you can have your fruit supper and this can be followed by another detox bath.

On Sunday morning, you can have your fruit breakfast, but should you be suffering from constipation, you could start the day off with some prunes soaked overnight in hot water.

The day can be spent on breathing exercises, mild body exercises, a brisk walk, meditation or whatever you feel like.

If you are headachy, have another two glasses of water, and a dab of neat lavender essential oil applied to your temples will help.

Should you develop a pimple of two, do not squeeze - simply leave it alone and follow your normal good skincare routine.

During this detox weekend, you may wish to treat yourself to a facial and/or massage, and even if you cannot visit a salon or clinic for this, a good home-made skin care treat is called for.

Should you be able to visit a therapist for a massage, try to have a lymph drainage massage, or alternatively a deep massage with aromatherapy oils. 

If you are hyper-irritable, a relaxing aromatherapy massage with essential oils will do you the world of good.

Should you not be able to have a salon facial, then give your face a boost by going through a good deep-cleanse facial regimen, which would include exfoliation of your face as well as a therapeutic mask and finished off with a deeply penetrating moisturizing cream.

Today you may also experience a build-up or coating on your tongue, which will improve by gently brushing your tongue and rinsing your mouth with salt water. Left alone, this will also disappear, but it may cause your breath to not smell too fresh.

Sunday night you can start at supper time to return to normality and a supper of lightly steamed vegetables will do the trick. Try not to use salt, as you may be craving salt at this time.

On Monday morning, you can face the world again with a breakfast of some fruit and cereal and some yogurt - but you may decide after this weekend to continue your detox period for a longer time - even if you are less strict.

If you are able to stay on your one selected fruit for five days, you may be amazed with the results and the way you feel - but in most cases, a five-day stint is far too long for people that are not in the environment of a health hydro.

After your detox plan or diet, the ideal is to make changes to your lifestyle and diet to ensure that you do not over-tax your body with coping with a toxic lifestyle.

To have a look at a healthier way of eating to fight and prevent cellulite please click here for some tips.

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