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Constipation and cellulite

We see the body from a holistic point of view, and consider constipation as one of the contributory factors and interrelated problems with that of cellulite, since it is involved in the inadequate and improper removal of toxins from the body.

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We have included this page on our website to provide visitors with complete information on how to get rid of, and prevent cellulite. 

Although our Cellumend Cellulite Cream is the most effective of all cellulite creams, we also suggest that people make changes in their lifestyles to contain this problem.


In modern Western allopathic medicine you are deemed to be constipated if you have not had a bowel movement for three days, but this is not the belief held when considering the body holistically.

In the naturopathic ideology, to which we subscribe, it is indicated that you should have a bowel movement at least once a day and that if a day is skipped your body is not functioning properly and that you may be heading for trouble in the future.

The matter of constipation is not often talked or written about, since it is not a polite topic of conversation, yet it could negatively influence your body and general health.

Effects of constipation

When you suffer from constipation, the stools would normally be hard, dry, knotty and very dark in color and may be accompanied by other symptoms such as gas, nausea, bloating, loss of appetite and indigestion, and the constant straining to pass stools may also cause piles (hemorrhoids).

A result of constipation may include headaches, bad breath, skin eruptions, and may also make you more susceptible in the long run to intestinal cancers.

Although the human body was made in a way that enables us to have a bowel movement at a convenient time, it is better for your digestive health to have a bowel movement when you have the impulse to do so, and delaying a bowel movement for extended periods of time is not a good idea.

There are various causes of constipation:


An over-refined fatty diet is not conducive to good bowel movements, and is in any case not good for proper nutrition. 

Modern day diets which are high in sugar and low on fiber cause the peristaltic movements in your colon to be slower. 

A diet which lacks fiber, would normally be lacking in other things as well - so a healthier and balanced diet must be contemplated not only for proper digestion, but also for good nutrition.

When talking about fiber people unwillingly start to think of unappetizing hard and tasteless bran which is normally taken to increase the fiber content in cereals, yet natural fiber can be obtained by eating raw fruit and vegetables - which is a far more palatable way of increasing the fiber bulk in your diet.

The willy-nilly addition of large amounts of dry digestive bran to the diet, especially if the body has been mistreated to long term ingestion of a highly refined diet, may not ease the problem, but rather escalate it.

 Should you wish to add bran to your diet, do it slowly in moderate amounts, in order for your body to start working properly.

A shortage of magnesium, found in all green vegetables, may also contribute to constipation and if folic acid is lacking, found in green leafy vegetables, constipation may also result.

The way in which you eat your food is also a contributory factor - as poorly or partly chewed food places a greater strain on the digestive system to move the matter through your system.

If food is properly chewed, the body can more easily absorb the nutrition, and the digestive system is empowered to deal with it effectively, without unnecessarily having to break down large chunks of food, which have to be broken down by proper chewing.

For more information on following a cellulite busting diet, please click here.


Too little water would mean that there is not enough water in the digestive system which could lead to hard and dry stools/feces, which could in turn lead to constipation.

Most people drink far too little water and although the normal "rule" of 6 - 8 glasses of water a day is a good one, you could determine your water requirement by taking your body weight (kilograms) and dividing it by eight - the resultant figure should be an indication of the amount of glasses of water you need to take daily.

Adding some apple cider vinegar to your drinking water, followed by drinking some clean water afterwards, has been used for centuries as a folk remedy to fix a number of ills, and may be worth considering. 

Remember that when you are taking caffeine containing drinks, like coffee, tea or cola, that they have a diuretic effect on the digestive system, which could result in dehydration and resultant constipation.


If you lack any type of exercise, the whole abdomen section of your body would be in a state of stagnation, and would need to solely rely on the internal muscle contractions to move the stool.

Doing some form of exercise helps the body, including the digestive system, to work optimally. 

When the body is exercised, the metabolism is also encouraged to perform better and excess weight can be burned this way.

For more information on exercises to remove and prevent cellulite, please click here.


The over-use of laxatives can damage the colon and nerve endings and this can cause constant problems and affect the normal functioning of the digestive system.


It seems that stress is blamed for everything and that all problems can be heaped on the collective shoulders of stress - yet being in a constant state of anxiety can lead to constipation, since the nervous system is over-taxed and the muscles - including the muscles of the digestive system, are locked in a state of tension.

For more information on how to deal with stress and relaxing more for fighting cellulite, please click here.

Physical problems

Should an obstruction occur in the digestive tract, constipation would be the result, and this needs to be urgently attended to by a medical professional and/or surgeon.

Diseases and Irritable bowel syndrome

There are various diseases which may cause constipation, but irritable bowel syndrome, which is a very common problem, directly affects the person's bowel movements as well. 

Other diseases that may be the cause of constipation include multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, stroke, uremia, diabetes, thyroid problems, lupus etc.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can cause both constipation as well as bad diarrhea which could cause stool incontinence. 

This is a condition best treated by your medical practitioner, but a change in diet to include fiber from fruit, raw vegetables and whole grains as well as legumes can help, together with yogurt and lots of water and only ginger used as a spice. 

The addition of whey to your diet can help to restore intestinal flora. Avoid coffee, tea and alcohol, and eat your meals at regular times while chewing properly may also assist.


Various types of medication can cause constipation - such as anti-depressants, antacids, pain medication, antispasmodics, diuretics and blood pressure medication. 

Should this occur the problem must be discussed with your medical practitioner to find a way to eliminate this side-effect.

State of your body

When a woman goes through pregnancy she may also experience constipation, even if her diet and lifestyle has not changed in any way. This is due to the change of hormones in her body.

As a person ages and the metabolism slows down, plus the fact that a person lives a more sedentary life, constipation may become a problem.

Traveling people often experience a bout of constipation due to irregular meals, different foods, tension and stress - but this problem normally corrects itself as soon as a more normal schedule is followed.

Treatment for constipation

Although changes to the diet must be considered, and enough pure water drank, there are several safe and natural ways to generate bowel movements.

If you however have a medical condition, or have any health concerns please consult your medical practitioner.

The old trusted method of including a small amount of prunes in the diet, especially if taken at night, is normally sufficient to help. 

Should you not like the idea of chewing dried prunes at night, you could take 6 dried prunes, cover them with boiling water and let stand overnight. 

The next morning drink the prune infused water and eat the softened prunes. Should the prunes on their own be a bit sharp tasting, you could always add plain, unflavored yogurt to them.

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