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Instrumental measurements for effectiveness as anti-cellulite cream

Few anti-cellulite creams or gels are ever clinically studied to determine their effectiveness, but one of the many ingredients in Cellumend, our anti-cellulite cream, was extensively tested in clinical trials, and herewith the instrumental measurement tests results.

anti-cellulite cream

Instrumental measurements of our anti-cellulite cream

The images have been placed on separate pages to facilitate download speed, since the graphics for all six tests resulted in a very slow downloading page.

Test parameters anti-cellulite

Twenty females were used in the tests, aged between 18 and 70 and the product was applied for 60 days on the specific body areas:

  • Glute SX
  • Glute DX
  • Femoris Post SX
  • Femoris Post DX
  • Femoris Ant SX and 
  • Femoris Ant DX)

The following were tested:

  • Circumference of buttocks and thighs
  • Body fat mass 1
  • Extracellular water 2
  • Skin moisture 3
  • Elasticity 4

All instruments used in the tests are authorized according to EU (European Union) regulations.


  • 1    STA/BIA instrument
  • 2    STA/BIA instrument
  • 3    Corneometer
  • 4    Cutometer

Results of tests done on cellulite

The following results were detailed after the completion of the study, and can be divided as follows:

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