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Chondrus Crispus - Carragaheen, Irish moss

This seaweed is found in the cold waters of the Atlantic coast and is collected along the shores of New England and eastern Canada and is also known as Pearl Moss and included in our anticellulite cream.

The name "Carragaheen" means rock moss, as this seaweed is only visible during spring tides.

Its main commercial use is that of thickener and stabilizer in ice creams, sherbets, chocolate milk, yogurt and whipped cream, and was used during World War 1 as a soothing demulcent for soldiers that had been gassed and was also consumed by the Irish during the famine in the 19th century.

For centuries this algae has been used for its emollient and soothing action in traditional medicine and recent studies have confirmed that it has good anti-inflammatory as well as anti-microbial effects.

The ingredients contained in Carragaheen and its constituents are extremely pure, with an abundance of mineral salts, trace elements, proteins and vitamins, and is used in Cellumend anticellulite cream.

In the past it has been used as a compress or poultice for inflamed tissue and in lotions to soften skin and prevent premature aging, and although it is also used as a thickening and binding agent in cosmetics, it does have it stated therapeutic properties.

The main active constituents include

  • protein

  • polysaccharides

  • iodine

  • bromine

  • mucilage

  • carrageenans

  • beta carotene

  • Vitamin B-1

  • and sulfur compounds.

Iodine compounds such as TEA-Hydroiodide have effective lipolytic properties by stimulating lipases.

The plant material obtained from the Gigartinaceae and Solieriaceae families of the red seaweed Rodophyceae and is legally classified as a hair conditioning agent as well as a fragrance ingredient and chemically classed as gums and hydrophilic colloids and derivatives.


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