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Butchersbroom - Ruscus aculeatus L

This is a dense dark shrub with thick oval false leaves that grows to a height of 75 - 120 cm and it is found in woods and bushy places as well as dry hills in Europe, North Turkey, North Africa and the Azores and is part of the Liliaceae family.

butcher's broom, ruscus aculaetus

The name Butcher's Broom (Ruscus aculeatus) is derived from the fact that the branches were bound in bundles and sold to butchers to sweep their cutting blocks. The young shoots of the plant can and was eaten much like asparagus to which it is botanically closely aligned.

It is also known as Box Holly and 'Jew's Myrtle' which refers to the use of this herb during the Feast of Tabernacles. Another name by which it is known is Pettigree.

Cosmetic use of Butchersbroom

Butchersbroom extract acts mainly on the microcirculation, decreasing capillary permeability due to its content of a flavonoid called Rutin.

The therapeutic properties of this plant are to increase circulation, reduce edema, reduce swelling and to act as an anti-inflammatory and the extract has been used with good results in the treatment of varicose veins.

This herb is mostly used for disorders of the venous system (veins and arteries) of the body especially for fragility of the veins and for improving circulation and this has been proven in clinical investigations. REF 24

In 1950 the French researchers H Lapin and C Sannié, isolated ruscogenin - a sapogenin, in the plant, which is similar to the steroid saponin diogenin that is found in the Mexican yam root (Dioscorea species), and this active ingredient is today found in preparations for topical applications in hemorrhoid treatments. REF 25 & 26

Various clinical studies have been done to test the effectiveness of the herb in assisting circulation and the venous system REF 27 as well as the effect it has on the tone of the skin REF 28 and the effect that it exerts as a topical application. REF 29

The constituents of the herb contain 4 - 6% of a mixture of steroidal saponin compounds including approximately 0.12% ruscogenin, neoruscogenin, ruscin and ruscoside REF 30 & 31 fatty acids including tetracosanoic acid, flavonoids, sterols including sitosterol, campesterol, and stigmasterol, benzofuranes, including euparone and ruscodibenzofurane REF 32


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