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Breathing to fighting cellulite

It may seem strange to a page on breathing and breathing exercises on a website dedicated to fighting cellulite, yet it is part of fighting cellulite holistically.

breathing for cellulite loss

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Breathing and removing cellulite breathing

Breathing is one of the ways in which your body rids itself of waste - it is not only the skin and digestive system that is seen as a "cleansing" organ, and the lungs perform a vital role in this as well.

Without breathing we will die within minutes as we need to absorb oxygen through our lungs and then expel carbon dioxide and other waste. 

We breathe about 14 times a minute when busy with sedentary activities but this increase as soon as we exert ourselves and can become less when sleeping or meditating.

In the case of emphysema the little air sacs (alveoli) in our lungs lose their elasticity and this stale air in the lungs causes our bodies to become starved of oxygen - but having a medical problem is not the only time when we may not be getting enough oxygen, since the way in which we breathe can prevent us getting enough oxygen.

In western culture the norm is to take shallow short breaths instead of slower and deeper breathing as is taught in Yoga and other oriental systems - and although you may not believe in the benefits of Prana as thought of in Yoga or the breathing benefits derived from Tai Chi, the truth still remains - slow, deep and rhythmic breathing does not only benefit the body, but also our mind and emotional state.

It is not the purpose of this page to discuss the physical and mental advantages that proper breathing can have on your health and mental wellbeing, but is here to show you some practical tips on improving your breathing in order that waste can effectively be removed by your lungs.

During the day check your breathing occasionally to see how you are breathing, and try and remedy any short breaths by breathing deeply and slowly.

Breath of life breathing

In order to maximize all aspects of your life, try and do this breathing exercise as often as possible, but at least for a couple of minutes every day. 

You will find that this exercise is extremely useful when you are feeling headachy or mentally dulled after working hard for some time, or if you have had an emotional upset or upheaval.

  • While sitting, standing or lying down exhale while placing your hands on your ribs. 
  • Start inhaling, through your nose, to the count of seven until your stomach is expanded and then for another seven counts to fill and expand your chest as well. 
  • Hold your breath for a few counts - normally the count of three is comfortable. 
  • Start exhaling slowly through your nose to the count of fifteen and ensure that your stomach is pulled in and your chest is totally deflated and all air is removed.

In the beginning you may feel slightly light-headed - especially if you have been breathing very shallowly, and the properly oxygenated blood may make you feel a bit giddy. 

This will pass, and you will, after doing this exercise for a while, find that you are able to expand your chest areas far more than previously.

Normal everyday living breathing

Although it would not be possible to walk around the entire day doing these deep breathing exercises, and some people may make light of the benefits that regular deep breathing can have, do yourself a favor and do this breathing exercise consistently and thoroughly for at least two weeks and see if it doesn't contribute to your general health.

A good shot of skepticism may not be a bad trait to have when new ideas are evaluated, but in this case, since it doesn't cost you any money, and very little time, give it a try.

We know that this very simple technique doesn't sound or look like much on the surface, but the health benefits are many and have been proven in ancient cultures for centuries. So give it a try and enjoy a breath of fresh air.

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