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Cellulite - the truth and nothing but the truth

Although cellulite is not a life-threatening condition - millions of women rather “cover-up” and hide their bodies than allow the world to see the puffy dimply orange-peel skin of their thighs, butt and other areas below the navel.

cellumend anti-cellulite cream

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The Western medical fraternity does not recognize cellulite as such but luckily French society recognizes it as a “condition” – and a condition that can be treated.

Cellulite misconceptions

But let’s take a step back – and look at some myths and common misconceptions:

But that is enough of doom-and-gloom. The hay news is that not only can you prevent the formation of cellulite; you can actually successfully remove it as well.

When do you get cellulite?

When you have cellulite (in the opinion of our director Duane Milne) it is indicative that your cell functioning is under-par and your body overstressed by toxins while having excess lipids (fats). These fats are then bound to immovable waste material and this clogged-up mess in the skin’s connective tissue, results in the bloated, puffy and uneven orange peel effect of the skin.

What is cellulite?

Underneath the skin you find the connective tissue and below that fat molecules – and it is exactly here where the cellulite problem starts. Female fat cells are stacked in vertical chambers, and if they enlarge they protrude into the skin area – causing the dimpling effect of cellulite. As we age, the skin gets thinner, making these cellulite protrusions even more visible.

Men’s fat is stacked a bit differently and for that reason men are less prone to cellulite and they have the added benefit of having a slightly thicker skin.

Removing cellulite remove and get rid of cellulite prevention

In order to remove cellulite, you need to reduce the amount of lipids (fat) in the adipose cells (fat cells) and reduce the size of the actual fat cells plus removing accumulated waste material.

Removal of the trapped waste material in the cells is due to inadequate circulation – with under-performing lymph drainage and incomplete osmotic transference. The cells need to be properly irrigated to enable them to not just get rid of excess liquid, but also the waste materials formed during cell metabolism.

Enough oxygen must also reach the cells in order to metabolize (break down) their nutrients properly.

Natural ways to remove cellulite and how to prevent cellulite

There is no need to buy our effective Cellumend anti-cellulite cream to remove or prevent cellulite and a change in your lifestyle will ensure that you once again have smooth body contours and a skin free of cellulite.

Some people think that vigorous massage is needed, while others go on fad diets or apply the strangest things to their skin to remove cellulite. The truth is really very simple and uncomplicated.

There is no "magic bullet” - natural or otherwise - and you would need to approach this problem in a holistic way to be successful.

You will need to address  a couple of points, and the hyperlinks below will take you to FREE information pages on each topic. If you however do not have the time or inclination to follow these natural steps, you can simply use Cellumend to get rid of the cellulite.

Ingredients often used in cellulite treatments

We also have a page that discuss ingredients often found in cellulite products and treatments and look at how they work and compare to our Cellumend product.

Traditional remedies remove and get rid of cellulite prevention

There have always been specific natural traditional ingredients that can help benefit the removal of cellulite, but they do not always work on all people – and this is where things changed a couple of years ago when the peptide called “Tri-peptide 1” was patented.

Although our cream is effective in removing cellulite, we do advocate that people change their lifestyle to prevent cellulite from forming again. Our cream will remove cellulite and prevent it forming, but without it, you would need to adjust your lifestyle to prevent this problem naturally.

Why people are skeptical about cellulite products

It is unfortunate that some large multi-national “cosmetic companies” make and market ineffectual cellulite products that do not work – and this resulted in consumers being skeptical about all cellulite products.

Cellumend remove and get rid of cellulite prevention

We have a different philosophy when it comes to any product manufactured by our company, as it has to pass the requirements of our director – Duane Milne – and he is very specific that consumers must get value for their money, and that products must deliver on promises made - and therefore our Cellumend has been proven over the years to be an effective and affordable way to get rid of cellulite.

We make products that work properly as promised, as we include active ingredients, the stuff that makes a product work, at the correct amounts, since we do not have a multi-million dollar infrastructure to support – as we are a small specialist skin care manufacturer.

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